“NAAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company
“NAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company

The leading producer of petroleum derivatives with the best international standards


Introduction to “NAAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company

1- “NAAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company is a specialized company in the production of petroleum derivatives.
2- It works in accordance with the latest production and packaging standards which go in match with the global quality specifications.
3- Our company is proud to produce the best mechanical, hydraulic and grease oils and distilled water for all engine types.
4- Since its launching date, “NAAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company has always been the leader in its industrial sphere by having the latest technology and a team of highly experienced employees.

Our vision

NAAS PETROL FACTORY CO. LTD. seeks to keep our company in unstoppable continuation in concerns with its course of progress and modernization by being in a continuous updating with the latest developments and the best quality standards in order to keep pace with the world’s industry leaders in the field of the production of petroleum derivatives of all kinds to be the undisputed best company.

Our message

NAAS PETROL FACTORY CO. LTD. seeks to deliver a message about its leading future in the world of petroleum derivatives with its advanced technologies, innovative team and ever-increasing customer credit.

Our goal

NAAS PETROL FACTORY CO. LTD. is looking to establish clear additional values in the production of petroleum derivatives through the development of instant and future plans for the development of the network of business and the manufacture of high-quality products that meet the requirements of customers at all levels.


What distinguishes “NAAS Petroleum Limited Factory” Company

1– NAAS tends to have the latest technology in order to produce the best petroleum derivatives manufactured that matches the best international quality standards.
2– NAAS tends to have a team of experienced employees in order to provide the best comfort for the customer and provide all the needs for consumers and other companies. Due to its strong belief in maintaining the company’s leadership and keeping up with every development.
3- NAAS was able to build a huge customer network that has been a testament to the quality of our products, this network is constantly expanding to show everyone that NAAS products are the best as compared to any other company.

Our modern laboratories and quality signs 

1- NAAS company analyzes petroleum derivatives in the best modern laboratories by meeting the international quality standards, in order to provide the best performance structure and to make the best choice for the long life of the components.

2-NAAS company has a range of highly experienced specialists working on the principle of analysis according to international standards, ISO and Petroleum Institute certifications for selecting the most suitable materials.

3-NAAS’s permanent local and global presence is a testament to its great confidence in the results we get.

علامة الجودة SASO
14001 :2015
ISO 9001 :2015

Our brands


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