About us

Nass Petrol Factory Company, a closed joint stock company which specialized in the production of petroleum derivatives according to the latest production and packaging standards that conform to international quality specifications. Our company is proud to produce the best types of mechanical and hydraulic oils, lubricants and distilled water for all types of engines. Since its inception, Nass Petrol Factory Company. Seeks to always be the leader in its field by owning the latest technologies and a team of employees with extensive experience in this field


Our vision

To be the first provider of car engine oils in the Middle East by Vision 2030

Our message

Through its advanced technologies, creative team and growing customer balance, Naas Petrol factory company seeks to deliver a high message for a leading future in the world of oils

Our Goals

Naas Petrol Factory Company is looking to establish clear additional values in the field of petroleum derivatives production through the development of real-time and future plans to develop the business network and manufacture high quality products that meet customers' requirements at all levels


What distinguishes Nass Petroleum Factory Company .


We use the latest technology

Owning the latest technologies to produce the best types of petroleum derivatives manufactured according to the best international quality standards


Expert work team

Having a team of employees with extensive experience to provide the best comfort for the customer and provide all the needs of consumers and other companies


Keep pace with development

To work diligently and continuously to keep pace with every development and maintain the company's level of leadership


Huge customer network

A huge customer network that was witness to the quality of our products, this network is constantly expanding to prove to everyone that the company's products are the best ever

Our modern laboratories and quality marks

In our company, we analyze petroleum derivatives in the best modern laboratories and match them with local and international quality standards, in order to provide the best structure for performance and to reach the most appropriate option for the longevity of the components. This is done through the company’s possession of a group of highly experienced specialists in this field, working on the principle of Analysis according to the conditions of international and local standards, ISO certificates, and the Saudi Institute of Petroleum and Quality (SASO) to choose the most appropriate materials. Our permanent local and global presence bears witness to the great confidence in the results we obtain